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5 homework hints

There has long been a debate about the relevance and importance of homework assignments but needless to say the vast majority of students in all levels of education and certainly in secondary school will be required to undertake activities at home. Times have certainly changed and the ability to communicate by digital means certainly facilitates a number of the issues around the completion of homework. Parents need to be aware of what the student is expected to do and communication with the student’s teacher or teachers can always be beneficial. Here are five basic but important tips to help in the satisfactory completion of your homework.

Rewards for homework

It is the old carrot approach to a task. Many parents think about the possibility of rewarding a student for the successful completion of their homework activities. The reward can be something simple such as watching a favourite television program, being given a favourite treat or being allowed to stay up later than the student would normally do so. Anything which helps motivate the student can be good. Obviously the reward should not include something which is not good for the student but careful incentives can work wonders.

A regular time and place

We are all creatures of habit and in order to assist the student to complete their homework on time every time, set up a place where such work can be carried out. Set aside a specific time which is for homework and homework only. Create the right atmosphere so that the student is not distracted. No access to television or radio or mobile phones or the Internet. Make the time and space a quiet place. Remove the possibility of interruptions. These simple but important steps make essay writing as part of homework a far more successful activity.

A visual guide to progress

It's easy to make a simple graph and place it in a prominent position in the home so the student can monitor their progress as they complete various homework tasks. Being able to see when a milestone has been achieved is good for the self-confidence of the student and encourages them to keep going. It becomes their visual inspiration factor.

Basic homework rules

The first of course is that one’s best work only must always apply. There could be a tendency for the student to think that because they are not in the classroom and not being supervised by the teacher then sloppy work is the norm. It's most important that you establish an important rule that the student must treat their homework with respect and dedicate themselves to producing the best possible result. By creating a special time and place and atmosphere, the parent is saying to the student that they are treating the subject seriously and they want the student to do the same.

Every student will have interests

Try wherever possible to link the homework writing with the hobbies or interests of the student. This will be greatly helped by making regular contact with the teacher or teachers. If the teacher can set assignments even essays on the topics in which the student has a passion or interest, the chances are that they will tackle their homework with much more enthusiasm. It becomes a win-win situation and the homework improves grades and self-confidence.

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