homework tricks to help you out

Recommendations on How to do Your Homework Really Fast

The dream of every high school or college student is to be able to finish all their homework before dinner and have every night to his or herself to do what he or she pleases. Of course, this is not always the case due to time-intensive assignments and course-intensive schedules.

  1. Don’t be on the internet.
  2. If you absolutely need to be on the internet in order to do your work, muster up every ounce of willpower inside your body in order to stay away from social media or meaningless Google searches. If you don’t need to be on the internet in order to do your assignment, go sit at the kitchen table. Your word count velocity is going to zero every time you scurry off to google the price of raspberries by country instead of stay on your Google Docs page. If it helps you out, keep the page on full screen so you aren’t distracted by the new tab button, oh most tempting of temptresses.

  3. Caffeine might be your friend.
  4. If you can’t focus on your homework because of something physiological, caffeine may be for you. It is unwise to consume any more than 100mg of caffeine 4 hours before bed, or 200mg of caffeine 8 hours before bed, but if you were going to stay up playing video games anyways then hey, you do you. If you’re going to consume coffee, you should take it black. Any excess calories are going to make you feel more sluggish than you were before, and the caffeine will only counteract the sluggishness of the cream or sugar. If you’re going to consume tea, you should take it green, shade-grown if possible. This variety contains L-theanine, which is beneficial for focus and has been proven to aid in the creation of a productive meditation “in-the-zone” state by way of increasing Alpha-waves in the brain.

  5. Listen to music, sometimes.
  6. You can use a timer for thirty minutes of music, followed by thirty minutes of silence, and then thirty more minutes of music. This altering of your surroundings will keep you awake and focused long enough to complete all your homework in one swift sitting. Just be sure to only listen to music that doesn’t have lyrics, because then you won’t get distracted.

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