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Is Homework Good For Your Health: 5 Convincing Facts To Do It

Homework is always associated with stress and mental tension. Many kids will vouch for the fact that homework has made them weaker. Parents often complain that excessive homework has led to nervous disorder, defective vision, headaches, body aches and what not. Yes, homework does put pressure on a kid, but it is definitely not as harmful as it has been declared as. There are several benefits of homework starting from- increase in concentration to academic success.

  1. Understanding of time management
  2. Time management becomes one of the most important qualities as one goes for higher education. One has to attend long hours of classes, come home, do their assignments and study. Kids who regularly do their homework learn how to balance work and play. They are capable of allotting time durations for various things like study, play, television, etc. It is important to acquire this skill from a young age. Homework helps you do that.

  3. Stay in touch with studies
  4. Many kids come back from school and go out to play. They go to school the next day without doing their homework. They completely forget what they had learnt the previous day. The one’s who go back home and do their homework brushes up on the lessons that they had done at school. They don’t easily forget their lessons.

  5. Practice for exams:
  6. It is not possible to ace your exams at first try. One needs prior practice in order to be fully prepared for exams. Homework serves as sounding board for students to test their skills. Doing homework also makes them aware of how much time they take to complete something. The grades they get on their homework shows them how much their progress is and ultimately makes them exam ready.

  7. Increases concentration
  8. Sitting down every day for a stipulated time to study is important. If a child does homework daily they learn to concentrate on their tasks. One can’t complete their homework if their mind is wandering. This practice of concentrating on one task for duration of time helps a child to concentrate on things later in life.

  9. Analytical capacity
  10. Homework requires a child to think and choose what information they will need to solve their homework. It increases their powered of analysis of problems and assimilating what they have leant into their assignments.

Doing homework daily is essential for developing the qualities a child needs to be successful academically.

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