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How To Complete Rhetoric Homework Without Any Problem

More often than not, students are made to answer rhetoric questions. Rhetoric questions are those which do not possess a definite answer. Or for better definition, lack a reasonably simple answer. And more often than not, any answer that can be used to provide as a solution for it can be turned on multiple grounds. Then, how does one go about answering such questions when they are handed out as homework.

A rhetoric question might be something as simple as “Why do we live?” or “Why would I care?” or even “You never try, do you?” At first glance, you might think you have a proper valid answer. But a rhetoric question is rather unanswerable.

Here are 8 useful tips that will help you answer rhetoric question

  • Figure out if a question is really rhetoric- Like I said answering a rhetoric question is more to do with opinions. And the biggest mistake you could when doing your homework is to completely rule out a question as rhetoric while in fact it is not. So, do your research.
  • Research on the problem- The trademark of any good homework is a thorough research. And doing a substantial amount of research on any given question will help you understand the depth of the answer you are required to write.
  • Multiple Point Of Views- When it comes to a question that comes to an answer, the most important thing to do is to have a broad overview of the problem as well as the solution.
  • Two Stands- One of the best ways to answer a rhetorical question would be to take two stands with respect to it.
  • The Pro-stand- Discuss in your answer the solution from a positive prospective of answering the question.
  • The Con-stand- Discuss the solution for the question from a negative aspect, something that challenges the positive aspects of it.
  • Balance- Try to maintain an equilibrium such that for every pro point there is a con point. This helps in keeping the solution rhetorical as the question is.
  • Relevance- Remember to maintain the relevance of the solution to the question as much as possible. Stay focused on the primary point you need to be making.

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