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Complete Science Homework In An Hour

Are you short on time? Did you forget to do the homework you were supposed to do over the weekend and now only have one hour before your bed time? Do not worry. You are not the first one and shall definitely not be the last. Here is what you should do to get that homework done in under an hour.

  • Find yourself a quiet spot. This is very important. You need to be somewhere isolated from all kinds of distractions. Most preferably your room or wherever it is you normally sit down to study. During this one hour, there should be no disturbances at all.
  • Make sure you have everything you need to get started, so you do not have an excuse to get back up. This may include your calculator, stationary, bottle of water, your science textbook, a scientific dictionary, etc. You could also light an incense stick. Aromas are known to have calmed the mind helping you focus more on your task. Also, ensure that your room is well lit. Reduced lighting will induce sleep.
  • Now that you are all prepared take a good look at the questions. Read them all. Let them sink into your head so that you know what you are asked to do. Pick out the keyword from each question, for example, one question may have an emphasis on Newton’s first law of motion or Mole’s law or the process of Photosynthesis. Take the essence of the question and write it down with a pencil (so it can be erased later) next to the question.
  • For most of the questions, your textbook should be enough. Since the curriculum is an essential to book based, your textbook is a quintessential source of information. Make optimal use of the index at the back of the book. Once you have your keywords from the question, look for them using this index and go to the corresponding page number. You may copy it straight from the book, but I would personally recommend reading it thoroughly, get a clear understanding of the topic, then write the answer in your own words. This helps you remember the topic in the future too.
  • If the question asks for a definition that the book does not provide you with, you may make use of the scientific dictionary. If you do not own one, you can look for the definition on the internet as well. I suggest you not go for complicated ones and go for something typical that a high schooler would normally write. Avoid big words as the idea is to explain the scientific concept as simply as possible.
  • If there is calculation involved, make sure you have all the formulae you need to be noted down in your notebook or journal from your textbook. This should be a regular practice as well as it helps engrave them into your head. Ensure that all your formulae are in one place when you need them so you don’t have to look around.

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